Studia Migracyjne – Przegląd Polonijny, nr 1/2014

Pełny numer (pdf)

  • Agnieszka Małek: Introduction


  • Ursula Lehmkuhl: “Reading Immigrant Letters and Bridging the Micro-Macro Divide
  • Ursula Lehmkuhl: “Johann Heinrich Carl – The Revolutionary: The History and Collective Memory of a German-American Family, 1852-2004” 
  • Hartmut Keil: “German-American Radicals, Antebellum Politics, and the Civil War”
  • Wolfgang Helbich: “Ethnic Legends in the Gray Zones of History: The Case of Germans in the American Civil War" 
  • Suzanne M. Sinke: “Moravians, Mormons, Moonies: Thinking about religion, migration, and marriage across U.S. History”
  • James S. Pula: “Remembering Poland, But Not Polonia: The Development of Polish American Historical Memory”
  • Neal Pease: “Stanley Ketchel, The “Michigan Assassin”: The First Polish-American Sports Champion” 
  • Joanna Kulpińska: “Emigration and the Social Topography of a Village – an Analysis of Overseas Migration from Babica”
  • Anna Fiń: “In the space of „displaced borderland”. A few refl ections on the relationships between Polish and Ukrainian immigrants in the United States” 
  • Stefano Agnoletto: “Ethnicity vs Structural Factors in North American History. The Case Study of the Italian Economic Niches”